Thursday, September 23, 2010


Some chit chats with my roommate

A: do I look fatter?

Me: errm…yes! Sorry to say

A: really? Is it true B?

B: eehh nope...You just look the same

A: you LIE! (refer to me)

Me: NO!

B: better you looking at the mirror then it will give you the best answer

The moral of the story

Look at the mirror then you’ll find YOU!

Look at the mirror, look inside you, look at yourself with more details then you’ll find the best answer. Because you know yourself best!


  1. but the fact is, when yourself look at the mirror, the suggestion that you look more worse are better.

  2. Yep that's true!sometimes fact is irritating but for me its better to know the bitter fact rather than sweet lies..hehe

  3. ckckck i know who the persons in this post. aww mirror makes you thinner if you believe it! hahaha

  4. whatever you are-whatever you want-you like it-you do it.